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1st Transnational Activity-  Romania Curtes De Arges

In the framework of the Erasmus + School Exchanges project entitled: "Be the change ... you want to be!", implementing schools for the school years 2018-19 and 2019-20, schools from Greece (coordinating school) Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania and Romania, the 1st Transnational Activity took place from 16 - 20 November 2018 in Curtea De Arges, Romania.
This new program refers to Education for Sustainable Development and aims to gain knowledge and experience to provide solutions and suggest ways in which pupils, particularly Primary Education, can acquire the skills they need to shape sustainable a future that will ensure a high quality of life.
The activity was attended by 14 teachers from all countries, who together with the teachers of the school "Scoala Gimnaziala Mircea cel Batran" implemented the activities foreseen in the program.
The actions started on Friday November 16, 2018 with an impressive reception ceremony. The ceremony took place at the Town Hall of the city of Curtea De Arges, the first historic capital of Romania, near the Carpathian Mountains, with the presence of the Mayor and representatives of the political, religious and educational administration of Romania.
The event, which took place in the amphitheater of the Town Hall, included a recollection of the European anthem and national hymns of all countries, traditional songs and dances, a presentation of modern dances and greetings by the Mayor, the Director of the local school and the Director of the 2nd Primary School of Kolindros and program coordinator Dimitrios Chlemes, who referred to the philosophy and content of this European partnership  and congratulated Romanian School Director Gheorghe Molea and Romanian coordinator Alina Baiasu for the excellent organization.
Presentations of all schools were made at the same venue, and then the delegations visited and guided the Romanian school where students, teachers and parents' representatives received them with local customs, songs and gifts.
On Saturday and Sunday (November 17 and 18, 2018) the activities included visits to places of interest, religious, historical and environmental sites (monasteries, traditional distillery, folklore museums, traditional settlements and residences, hydroelectric plant, Carpathian Mountains, medieval Alba Iulia , the city of Sibiou, visit to the area of the castle of Dracula, etc.).
On the evening of Saturday, November 17th, a traditional festive dinner was held, where each country presented representative food and beverages.
On Monday, November 19, the day began with a visit to a local Christmas decoration factory and then a traditional meat lab.
In the afternoon of the same day, teachers and students participated in a training seminar on "Environmental education and sustainability as a pedagogical framework in Primary Education". The participating teachers and students implemented environmental actions and focused on waste management and recycling.
The 1st Transnational Meeting - Activity was for all participating teachers a unique experience. The foundations for a constructive future cooperation were laid and the roles and responsibilities of all were identified. Finally, the value of European School Exchanges programs has been shown to provide pupils and teachers with a unique opportunity to redesign the educational process.