Erasmus+ project KA229
"Be the change... you want to be!"

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Lyrics for our song
The song of project; “Be the change…you want to be!’
Lyrics:   Dimitrios   Chlemes
Music:  Sotirios Tzikas 
Singer:  Nikos Polyzopoulos

“Be the change” 
If you want our world to be better!!!
Make you the change!
Act for nature,
for the human,
for the future!
Βe the change... you want to be!

Nature is our home
children and young people don’t give up
and from dormancy wake up,
all together, give hands together,
Be the change…. You want to be!

Be the hope!
be love too…
Because I believe in you,
you ..will save the world!
Be the change…. You want to be!
Transnational ActivitiesTransnational ActivitiesTransnational Activities
1st Transnational Activity-  Romania Curtes De Arges

In the framework of the Erasmus + School Exchanges project entitled: "Be the change ... you want to be!", implementing schools for the school years 2018-19 and 2019-20, schools from Greece (coordinating school) Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania and Romania, the 1st Transnational Activity took place from 16 - 20 November 2018 in Curtea De Arges, Romania.
This new program refers to Education for Sustainable Development and aims to gain knowledge and experience to provide solutions and suggest ways in which pupils, particularly Primary Education, can acquire the skills they need to shape sustainable a future that will ensure a high quality of life.
The activity was attended by 14 teachers from all countries, who together with the teachers of the school "Scoala Gimnaziala Mircea cel Batran" implemented the activities foreseen in the program.
The actions started on Friday November 16, 2018 with an impressive reception ceremony. The ceremony took place at the Town Hall of the city of Curtea De Arges, the first historic capital of Romania, near the Carpathian Mountains, with the presence of the Mayor and representatives of the political, religious and educational administration of Romania.
The event, which took place in the amphitheater of the Town Hall, included a recollection of the European anthem and national hymns of all countries, traditional songs and dances, a presentation of modern dances and greetings by the Mayor, the Director of the local school and the Director of the 2nd Primary School of Kolindros and program coordinator Dimitrios Chlemes, who referred to the philosophy and content of this European partnership  and congratulated Romanian School Director Gheorghe Molea and Romanian coordinator Alina Baiasu for the excellent organization.
Presentations of all schools were made at the same venue, and then the delegations visited and guided the Romanian school where students, teachers and parents' representatives received them with local customs, songs and gifts.
On Saturday and Sunday (November 17 and 18, 2018) the activities included visits to places of interest, religious, historical and environmental sites (monasteries, traditional distillery, folklore museums, traditional settlements and residences, hydroelectric plant, Carpathian Mountains, medieval Alba Iulia , the city of Sibiou, visit to the area of the castle of Dracula, etc.).
On the evening of Saturday, November 17th, a traditional festive dinner was held, where each country presented representative food and beverages.
On Monday, November 19, the day began with a visit to a local Christmas decoration factory and then a traditional meat lab.
In the afternoon of the same day, teachers and students participated in a training seminar on "Environmental education and sustainability as a pedagogical framework in Primary Education". The participating teachers and students implemented environmental actions and focused on waste management and recycling.
The 1st Transnational Meeting - Activity was for all participating teachers a unique experience. The foundations for a constructive future cooperation were laid and the roles and responsibilities of all were identified. Finally, the value of European School Exchanges programs has been shown to provide pupils and teachers with a unique opportunity to redesign the educational process.

“Be the change want to be!”
On the 19 th of November ,2018,Iulia Georgescu, public notary, nature lover and passionate about environment, held an International Workshop about Waste, Environment and Recycling. The subject of the workshop was :
     How Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development can provide a Pedagogical Framework for Primary Education
21 Teachers and 13 Students attended the Workshop, out of which 15 Teachers from Greece, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Croatia, 6 teachers from Romania and 13 Students from “Mircea cel Bătrân” Gymnasium School.
Iulia introduced the problem of overconsumption, the problem of plastic over usage and the solutions we should all be aware of, succeeding in raising awareness. Kids were told that:
“There is no such thing as away. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” Annie Leonard
Thought provoking questions were asked:
How can we reduce plastic when travelling, how can we reduce plastic from our kitchens, bathrooms, houses and lives.
Surprisingly or not , kids worked together with the adults, got involved really quickly and adapted to their new civic duty, and in their groups came up with sustainable solutions, such as:
  • Bringing own clothing shopping bag;
  • Skipping plastic produce bags;
  • Saying no to disposable straws and cutlery;
  • Using reusable water bottles;
  • Packing lunch in reusable containers.
Some just found out about the fact that single use straws will be on our planet forever. It takes 200 years to break down......into tiny toxic particles. The US and UK toss nearly 550 million plastic straws PER DAY.
Project coordinator, Mrs. Baiasu Alina
2nd  Activity  in Italy2nd  Activity  in Italy2nd  Activity  in Italy

KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices KA229 - School Exchange Partnerships
Project Title: "Be the change ... you want to be!"
Project code: 2018-1-EL01-KA229-048000

2nd Transnational Activity in Sassari – Sardinia

From March 30, 2019 to April 3, 2019, the 2nd Transnational Meeting of Activities of the Erasmus+ project took place in Sassari, Sardinia, with the title: “Be the change… you want to be!”.
Sassari is the second largest city in Sardinia, with a total urban population of about 220,000. It is the capital of the Italian province of Sassari and one of the oldest cities in the island.
The event was attended by 19 teachers from all countries who, together with the teachers of the “Istituto Comprensivo Monte Rosello Alto” school, carried out the activities foreseen in the program.
The actions started on Saturday March 30, 2019, with environmental tours and visits to the Porto Conte National Park as well as a tour of the historic medieval town of Alghero. On Sunday, March 31, visits to the prehistoric archaeological site of Villanova Monteleone and other areas of natural and historical interest took place.
On the rest of the day, activities took place mainly at the premises of the corporate school unit with the active participation of pupils and teachers.
The activities included: a concert by a school students from the city, a traditional meal and songs by the village choir Villanova Monteleone, a paper recycling workshop by pupils, a conference on sustainable development and sustainability teaching methodology under the guidance of Professor Andrea Motroni, a guided tour of the school's students to historical monuments of Sassari, a malloreddus, a theater of musical and dance productions and other events organized by the coordinator Italian School Graziella Piras and Rita Paola Spanedda, School Headmaster.
The 2nd Transnational Activity for all participating teachers was another great experience. The warm hospitality, the friendly atmosphere and the successful activities of the program have laid the foundations for a constructive and successful course of our project and have once again highlighted the value of European School Exchanges programs.
3rd Activity in Lithuania3rd Activity in Lithuania3rd Activity in Lithuania
3rd Transnational Activity in Lithuania

As part of the Erasmus+  School Exchanges project entitled "Be the change ... you want to be!" coordinating for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years, the 2nd Primary School of Kolindros and participating schools from Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania and Romania, the 3rd Transnational Activity took place from 20 - 24 September 2019 in city Gargždai, Lithuania.
The activity was attended by 35 teachers from all countries, who together with the teachers of the school "Gargždai Minijos progimnazija" implemented the activities foreseen in the program.
Actions began on Friday, September 20, 2019 with the official welcome ceremony. The ceremony was held in the Lithuanian school's event hall.
During the 3rd Transnational Activity, historical, environmental and cultural visits took place in various regions of Lithuania (in the cities of Klaipėda, Gargždai, Palanga, Nida, Neringa peninsula, etc.).
The Lithuanian School has organized a two-day seminar on the use of a variety of teaching techniques and approaches on forms of sustainable development and evaluation. Good practices were used as examples of helping and guiding teachers at all stages of project implementation.
During the discussions on the first day of the seminar each school presented material produced during the first year of our project implementation, including data related to project evaluation to date. The second day was aimed at presenting innovative teaching methods and teaching tools.
The main goal of the training seminar was to exchange good practices - providing teachers with the opportunity to exchange ideas and good practices, to design and envision ways and solutions to address sustainable development issues, and to describe ways in which education Sustainable development can be integrated into Primary and Secondary Education.
The seminar was not only theoretical but also experiential and practical. 12 plenary presentations and 7 information reports were presented in plenary by teachers from Lithuania, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain.
During the five-day Transnational Activity in Lithuania, actions were taken both for students (welcoming ceremony, experiential environmental workshops, local tradition and culture activities) and for teachers (presentation of teaching methods and tools for sustainable development, acquaintance, Lithuania's tradition and culture - visits to museums, historical monuments, places of environmental interest, and project evaluation).
The 3rd Transnational Meeting - Activity in Lithuania was a special experience for all participating teachers. All activities provided opportunities for rich pedagogical experiences and skills from a wide range of knowledge areas and promoted the achievement of the necessary educational goals such as the development of social and environmental awareness and values.
Teacher delegations returned on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 to their homes and schools to apply as well as impart new knowledge and experiences.
4th Activity in Spain4th Activity in Spain4th Activity in Spain
4th Transnational Activity in Tenerife - Spain

As part of the Erasmus + K229 School Exchange project entitled: "Be the change… you want to be!" coordinating for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years, the 2nd Primary school of Kolindros  Pieria Greece and participating schools from Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania and Romania, the 4th Transnational Activity took place from October 31 to November 5, 2019 in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.
The activity was attended by 22 teachers from the partner schools who implemented the activities provided by the schedule prepared by the CEIP TAGOROR school in Tenerife.
During the 4th Transnational Activity, environmental, historical and cultural visits were made to various areas of Tenerife (in the capital Santa Cruz, the Teide volcano and the International Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, in the Las Cañadas National Park - in the city of La Laguna, in nature monuments - Dragon Tree, etc.).
The program also included a formal reception at Santa Cruz Town Hall by Mayor Patricia Hernández, as well as a reception by students and teachers at the CEIP TAGOROR school premises.
Corporate schools have exchanged good practices for the implementation of the program so far, assessed the course of the project, presented their country's education systems, and planned future actions until project completion.
The participating teachers visited the classrooms where they had the opportunity to talk to students and teachers and to observe the teaching method used in Spanish schools, as well as the means and materials used.
The 4th Transnational Meeting - Activity in Tenerife, Spain was a very important experience for all the participating teachers. All actions aimed at enriching knowledge on sustainability and sustainable development (key areas of the project), developing collaborative educational skills, with diverse and multicultural groups, and engaging in new teaching and learning methods.
Teacher delegations returned on Thursday, November 6, 2019 to their homes and schools to apply as well as impart new knowledge and experiences.

1. Education for Sustainable Development  (Presentations from the Lithuanian School )

2. How is food produced?  Food_candies

3. How is food produced?  Food_bread